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Ulises Valdez - An American Story

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

From Ulises Valdez article at

A couple of weeks ago I got at the wine store a bottle of Ulises Valdez Zinfandel 2013, Sonoma County. The label was elegant in my opinion. Very simple, and wonderful calligraphy. When I drank it at home, I loved it, and decided to go for more. And then I read the Chairman's Selection commentary that started as "The California wine industry lost one of its very best ..." and decided learn about this person. Then I loved the second bottle even more.

Let me insert these three links so that you can read the story without my intervention:

See below my commentary of the wine:

Why do I like Sonoma Zinfandels so much! They are such happy and lovely wines.

This one started with aromas of blood orange, blackberries, maybe some pepper and a persistent echo that increased in intensity every time I smelled and Sally finally identified as carnation. I did not see that in the professional commentaries or winemaker notes, so that, use your imagination and judge by yourselves.

In mouth it was acidic (I was comfortable with it after the second sip), and a bit tannic (although it mellowed with time). In the full body side. Red cherries took over big time and invaded my mouth. Almost like concentrated cherry juice. Sally said over-ripe peaches and plums. The sweetness was very well tempered by the acidity, and the depth of an aged wine showed up with persistent and frank bouquet. Drink with no food.

$30 discounted to $14.99. I gave it 92 points.

The winery produces other wines like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, apparently as good. See their Website:

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